Photo & Video Transfer Services

Do you have 35mm negatives or slides that you want in digital format?  Do you have memories on VHS or 8mm/Hi-8/Digital 8 tapes that you want on DVDs instead?  Images Move photo and video transfer services can do both.

Photo Transfer

1 roll film (up to 24 images) $30
1 roll film (25 to 37 images) $40
1 roll / mounted slides (up to 24 images) $40
1 roll / mounted slides (25 to 37 images) $50
Color contact/index sheet(s) (per roll) $5

Video Transfer

1 VHS or 8mm/Hi-8/Digital 8 tape (up to 2 hours) to 1 DVD $30
Each additional tape (up to 2 hours total) to 1 DVD $10
1 tape (over 2 hours) to 1 DVD $40
Each additional tape (up to 6 hours total) to 1 DVD $10

Images Move recommends limiting video on DVD to a maximum of 2 hours to maintain the best video resolution.  Some degradation of video quality may result on DVDs longer than 2 hours.

Add-on prices are:

Digital Image Processing (10 images) $100
Digital Image Processing (25 images) $225
Digital Image Processing (50 images) $400
Digital Image Processing (per hour - 15 minute increments) $200
Video Editing (per hour - 15 minute increments) $200
Music soundtrack $50
+ cost of songs
Disk duplication (1 CD/DVD to 1 CD/DVD) $20
Additional disk copy $10

Payment terms:

Full payment is due on delivery of CDs/DVDs.

5% of the net proceeds are donated to a charity of your choice.


Qualifying not-for-profits are entitled to a 25% discount.


Final images are high-resolution digital available in various formats (PSD, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, EPS, PDF, BMP, others).

Standard digital image processing includes exposure, contrast, and color balance adjustments. Images can be cropped to final specifications if provided. Custom processing (masking, color isolation, blemish removal, etc) is also available.  Basic photo transfer services do not include any digital image processing.

Film becomes brittle and colors change/fade with age; video tapes also fade with age. This is normal and may result in degraded quality in the transfered copy. The expected shelf-life of CDs/DVDs is approximately one hundred years. However, digital media can be scratched or damaged if left in direct sunlight or high heat. It is highly recommended that you have two copies of important digital media - one for use and the second as a backup.   Images Move will handle all provided media in a careful and professional manner. However, we can not be held responsible for any damage.

Do not cut negative strips.

Copyrighted materials will not be duplicated without written proof of permission.

Please send an email to with your project requirements for a quote or if you have any questions or special requests.

Thank you,

Dave Rosenberg