Fundraising Programs

How can Images Move help you achieve your financial goals?

Images Move offers a number of fundraising options.  How many ways can we help you earn money?  Sign up for as many as you wish!

Catalog Fundraiser

Images Move will provide you with catalogs of our premium, fine art, photographic notecards.  The notecards are blank inside and measure approximately 5" × 7".  They are perfect for gift-giving and framing, and of course, note writing.

There are 4 simple steps:

  • distribute the catalogs
  • collect the orders and money
  • place your order with Images Move including payment
  • receive and distribute the ordered merchandise

Ordinarily you retain 50% of the net proceeds.  If you have volunteers or staff ready to help, you can increase your earnings to 55%!  Your team consolidates all of the orders from your members and submits a single order to Images Move.  This saves us time and labor and earns you more money.  We fulfill the single order from your organization and your team splits it into the individual orders.  This is a great option to turn people-power into dollar$!

Arts & Crafts Fair

If your organization is holding a craft fair, consider selling premium, fine art, photographic notecards.  Since they're perfect for letter writing, gift giving, and framing, they are a natural fit for your craft fair.

Like the catalog fundraiser, you retain 50% of the net sales.  There is no risk - we'll take back all unsold, merchantable items.  Just pay for the ones you sell.  A check or credit card is required for a security deposit but it is only used if the notecards are not returned or are damaged while in your possession.  You are never responsible for products which are damaged on delivery to you.

Retail Outlet

Often a business wants to support a local organization.  This solution fits the bill.

The business purchases notecards for 50% of the selling price and we give you half so you net 25% of the selling price.  Each time the business reorders you get another check!  Make sure you thank them on your website and in your newsletters.  It shows your appreciation for their support, drives business to them, and increases your income potential.  As long as the business orders at least $250 in merchandise they don’t even pay for shipping!

Beneficiary Program

It’s as close to free money as you can get!

When your members, their friends and families purchase products or services from Images Move you get paid.

All the purchaser needs to do is specify your organization as the beneficiary and we'll give you 25% of net merchandise sales and 5% of net service sales.  You simply direct your members to the Images Move website.  When they make a purchase they indicate your organization as the beneficiary and we cut a check to you.  You don't need to do anything to be a beneficiary but we recommend completing the organization sign-up form to make it easier for your members.  It also helps to insure that the payments are directed properly to you.

Student Program

Are you looking to help fund your own education?  We can help you earn money for tuition, books, room and board, or other educational activities.

So, what types of expenses qualify?  The short answer is ‘most’!  Tell us what the money will be used for and provide a copy of a student id, class schedule, etc.

You can sell our premium, fine art, photographic notecards at list price and keep half.  There are three options:

  • We send you a catalog and sample merchandise.  Take orders (and collect money) from family, friends, neighbors then place your order - you pay 50%.  There is no charge for shipping on orders of $100 or more.  We send you the merchandise and you deliver it.
    - or -
  • Purchase products which you then sell - you pay 50%.  If your order is $100 or more we’ll pick up the tab for shipping it to you.  Unsold merchandise can be returned for a refund if in merchantable condition (that means we can resell it).  If you sell at least $200 worth of notecards (your cost) we’ll even pay the return postage.
    - or -
  • Sign up for the Beneficiary Program.

More information about organization participation criteria is available here.