About Dave Rosenberg

Dave RosenbergI’m the kid who sees dragons in the clouds and owls in the fungus on a tree trunk. Mine is a world of textures, patterns, colors, and the interplay of light and shadow. I find beauty in the tiniest bits of nature and the unusual patterns that spring up in daily life. These images are brought to life in my photographs.

My work has been displayed in several shows and private collections from Massachusetts to Florida and New York to Nevada. In 2004, I combined this passion for photography with a deep sense of social responsibility to create Images Move - a company devoted to creating and selling art and to supporting not-for-profit agencies, particularly those committed to education and social justice.

I was raised in a family where social responsibility was stressed. I will donate a minimum of 25% of all merchandise sales and 5% of all services to an educational or not-for-profit organization of the purchaser's choice.