Frequently Asked Questions

What portion of the sale qualifies for the donation?
The purchase price of all products count. Sales tax and shipping and handling are excluded, as is labor for custom orders.

How do I know if my selected organization qualifies?
Typically, schools, religious institutions, health-care providers, and other not-for-profit organizations are eligible. Under no circumstances will organizations which advocate intolerance or violence be considered. Advocacy and Political Action Committees (PACs) will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Organizations will need to provide appropriate tax-exempt documentation to prove eligibility as a not-for-profit. For-profit businesses typically will not qualify. In all cases, Images Move reserves the right to make the final determination of eligibility.

What if the organization I choose isn’t eligible?
We will contact you for an alternate organization. If we cannot contact you, Images Move will, at its sole discretion, select an alternate organization.

What if I don’t specify an organization?
If you do not specify an organization, Images Move will select one.

Can I get a tax deduction for the donation portion of the sale?
No. Images Move is a for-profit business and is not acting as an agent for any not-for-profit organization(s). Part of the cost of doing business is contributing to qualifying organizations of your choosing. If you wish, your contact information and the value of the contribution from your purchase will be provided to the organization. The organization will then be free to send you an acknowledgement (if they choose to) but the value will still not qualify since you received the full value of the purchase price. Please consult a tax professional if you have further questions.

I’d like an organization I am involved with to sell your premium, fine art, photographic notecards as a fundraiser.  How does that work?
Please direct your fundraising chairperson to the Images Move website ( Information about fundraising options is available there.