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The pictures in the above linked galleries may be saved, printed, and shared. There is no fee for this use. If you wish to submit any of them to the media (newspapers, organization website, etc), please request that appropriate credit is included: 'Courtesy, Dave Rosenberg/Images Move'.

Warning: Please remember that all content on this site is "Copyright Dave Rosenberg/Images Move" or their respective copyright owners. You may enjoy these images for your own, personal, non-commercial use only. If you have any questions about acceptable use of the images or for commercial licensing of any of the images please contact Images Move via email or phone.

To save or print a picture, right-click on a large picture then left-click on the desired option. Note that thumbnail (small) images will not print successfully above roughly 1" x 3/4".

The pictures should print properly up to 4" x 6". If you would like to print a picture larger than 4" x 6" or if you'd like any of them cropped, please send me an email to with the picture date and picture numbers (the last four digits of the file name). I will try to get the pictures reposted within a few days but I cannot commit to a specific time frame. I'll send you a reply that the pictures are available.

Note: A fee will typically apply to special orders.

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