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Vacation - Boca Raton   February 17-24, 2002   Gallery
Vacation - Boca Raton   April 16-24, 2003   Gallery
Vacation - Boca Raton, Kennedy Space Center   February 15-21, 2004   Gallery
Vacation - Boca Raton   February 20-25, 2005   Gallery
Jake’s Bar Mitzvah   May 27, 2006   Gallery
Spring Training Vacation - Boca Raton   March 10, 2007   Gallery
Jack's Bar Mitzvah Weekend   October 27, 2007   Gallery
Thanksgiving 2007   November 22, 2007   Gallery
Vacation - Boca Raton   December 24-28, 2007   Gallery
Passover 2008   April 19-20, 2008   Gallery
Josh’s Bar Mitzvah Weekend   June 13-14, 2008   Gallery
Josh’s Bar Mitzvah   June 14, 2008   Gallery
Steven & Karen’s pre-Wedding Party   June 28, 2008   Gallery
Rosh Hashanah at Joey & Jenny   September 30, 2008   Gallery
Jake, Josh, John - Rock Climbing - Boston Rock Gym   March 22, 2009   Gallery
Passover 2009   April 8-9, 2009   Gallery
Josh & Friends - Skateboarding at Simonds Park   April 24, 2010   Gallery
Steven’s 40th Birthday   August 21, 2010   Gallery
Mother's Day, 2011   May 8, 2011   Gallery
Josh's Mohawk   May 28, 2011   Gallery
Zachary Becker's Baby Naming   June 12, 2011   Gallery
Josh's Mohawk (blue)   June 19, 2011   Gallery
In the Berkshires with Papa & Audrey   July 24, 2011   Gallery
Cheryl & Michael's Wedding   July 31, 2011   Gallery
Rosh Hashanah @ Linda & Bill's   September 30, 2011   Gallery
Jack's High School Graduation   June 24, 2012   Gallery
Lexi’s Baby Naming   October 14, 2012   Gallery
Thanksgiving @ Sam & Millie's   November 22, 2012   Gallery
Hanukah @ Debi & Alec's   December 15, 2012   Gallery
Passover 2014 @ Joey & Jenny's   April 14-15, 2014   Gallery
With Papa @ Joey & Jenny's   August 3, 2014   Gallery
Rosh Hashanah 2014 @ Joey & Jenny's   September 25-26, 2014   Gallery

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